A Lovely Baby Barrel Crib Project

Name: Victor Reeves

Location: Forth Worth, TX, USA

Teds Plan Ref: Cot233U

Victor Reeves is from Rendon, Just south of Forth Worth in Texas. He sent us this lovely creation from an old whiskey barrel that he built for his new born child.

This is one fantastic example from Ted's BED collection in his set of plans.

The barrel was chopped into half and made into a bed. The end post has a heart carved for his new born daughter Amelia. This stunning crib hangs from the ceiling, right next to Victor's bed so that it can be easily accessible at night. The best part is, it can be gently rocked!

We think this is a really creative project! It took Victor 8 hours from Sunday morning to complete this. Victor told us his total cost of materials is less than $50 - really inexpensive for a project like this.

We'll love to see more completed projects from Teds plans Victor. Send them over!

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